PMc Photogs Celebrate St. Patrick (McMullan)

by TIFFANY ETESSAMI · March 18, 2010

    [All photos by Carrie Shaltz and Jonathon Ziegler for PMc] Who knew that the people behind the camera partied just as hard (or maybe even harder) than the people in front? For Patrick McMullan's St. Patrick's Day party at Santos' Party House, photogs really let loose.-

    With half naked dancers on tables and free-flowing alcohol all night, everyone was really in top form. Rumored new boyfriend on "The City", Zach Hyman, was on a holiday high, dancing with every girl in sight and calming down only to share a smoke break with Carrie Shaltz.

    Guess he's not attached to Whitney (or Olivia? Roxy?) yet...

    Guests including Tinka Milinovic, Patrick Duffy and Lauren Gould joined McMullan to toast St. Paddy!

    Lily Baker, Remy Renzullo, Lauren Gould, Patrick McMullan

    Carrie Shaltz, Ian Jaffrey, Lisa Yom

    Tinka Milinovic, Zach Hyman, Carrie Shaltz

    Carrie Shaltz, Ian Jaffrey

    Andrew Fitzsimons, Patrick McMullan, Astro, David Gheller

    Carson Gardiner, Arthur Sendas, George Satos, Andre Condit