PostulateOne At Explorer's Club

by Danielle Neftin · March 2, 2012

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    PostulateOne, a project kick started by two recent college graduates Chris Walker and Morgan Hartley, held at a party at the Explorer's Club on Monday March 1st, to celebrate the beginning of the quest the two boys and their team are attempting.

    PostulateOne is an extended bicycle trip from France to China that will search for and profile leaders and enterpeneurs throughout various communities in Eurasia. Walker and Hartley chose to welcome friends and guests at the appropriately named Upper East side venue with appearances made by Loren Nielsen, Garrett J. Smith, Kelly Smith, and Ted Hartley.

    [Chris Walker, Morgan Hartley]

    [Morgan Hartley] [Chris Walker, Kelly Smith]

    [Ted Hartley]

    [Chris Walker, Ted Hartley, Morgan Hartley] [Loren Nielsen, Chris Walker]

    [Garrett J. Smith, Morgan Hartley]