Ramy Brook Celebrates International Women’s Day With A Panel Of Stylish, Strong Female Founders

by Christie Grimm · March 6, 2020

    With International Women's Day right around the corner, Ramy Brook was in a very celebratory mood earlier this week, inviting some of their most stylish, smart and inspirational friends for a chat about the power of having a strong female network!

    Tanya Zuckerbrot (Founder of F-Factor), Lesley Vecsler ( Founder of Lesley Vecsler Communications) and Cristina Cuomo (Founder of Purist Magazine) sat down for a positively packed panel at the designer's fabulous Upper East Side boutique, which got us thinking...

    What will you be doing this International Women's Day - Sunday, March 8th? Why not grab a group dinner? Shoot your mentors or colleagues an email of appreciation? Buy yourself a well-earned bouquet of flowers?

    [Photo courtesy Ramy Brook]