Rebecca Minkoff And Baby G-Shock Party

by Yumi Matsuo · December 15, 2011

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    Last night, guests gathered at The Back Room to celebrate the release of Rebecca Minkoff's Casio Baby G-Shock. Guests included Tess Pare-Mayer, Tadashi Shibuya, and DJ Harley Viera Newton.

    [Tess Pare-Mayer, Rebecca Minkoff, Harley Viera Newton]

    In a CBS article, Rebecca Minkoff stated,

    "I'm so thrilled to team up with Baby-G, because like me, they believe in providing women with classics that have a twist. My collaboration watch was designed as the watch for the everyday woman that wants both function and fashion."

    [Rebecca Minkoff]

    [Tess Pare-Mayer]

    [Tadashi Shibuya, Rebecca Minkoff] [Christina Caradona, Natalie Suarez]

    [Becka Diamond, Tess Pare-Mayer, Kelly Framel]

    [Tess Pare-Mayer] [Rebecca Minkoff, Kelly Framel]

    [Annabelle Vartanian, Carrie Cloud]

    [Harley Viera Newton]

    [Natalie Suarez]

    [Tess Pare-Mayer, Rebecca Minkoff, Justin Dean Thomas]

    [Natalie Suarez, Christina Caradona]

    [Becka Diamond] [Kelly Framel]

    [Tess Pare-Mayer]

    [Tess Pare-Mayer]