Reign Entertainment Hosts The Launch Of 3D Art By S Whittaker Time Signature Exhibition

by Yumi Matsuo · May 13, 2013

    [Sikolo Brathwaite, Robin Willard, S. Whittaker, Sheila Willard]

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    On Friday night, Reign Entertainment Co. held the launch of 3D Art by S. Whittaker and her exhibit, "Time Signature." S. Whittaker's works are oil & acrylic based portraits on wooden canvases featuring infamous entertainers from the past, present and future, ranging from Run DMC to Amy Winehouse, and Beastie Boys to Marvin Gaye. Born in Panama, Whittaker now calls Brooklyn home and the inspiration for her innovative and vibrant works. She brings her intensity and soul to every brushstroke, and is loved by celebrities and avid art-buyers alike. This opening served as S. Whittaker's official launch of 3D Art, and was held at Top of The Garden, where guests were treated to complimentary wine & cheese, while perusing the art with the unbelievable backdrop of literally, the top of Madison Square Garden.

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    [Samantha Williams, S. Whittaker, Darryl Wise]

    Guests included Sikolo Brathwaite, Robin Willard, S. Whittaker, Sheila Willard, Samantha Williams, Darryl Wise, Bob Carroll, Courtney Johnson, Kate Kennard, Lucy Norris, Jessica Dillon, Stephan Dweck, and Mariella Zapata.

    [Bob Carroll] [S. Whittaker, Courtney Johnson]

    [Robin Willard, Bob Carroll, S. Whittaker]

    [Kate Kennard, Lucy Norris, Jessica Dillon] [Stephan Dweck, Mariella Zapata]