Renzo Rosso Diesel Party

by Ann Chow · February 15, 2012

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    Last night, Renzo Rosso was on site to celebrate the opening of his new Diesel Black Gold Store, designed by Ryan Korban, in Soho. Guests included Petra Nemcova, Cristiano Quieti, Emmy Rossum, Stephen Dorff, Shay Mitchell, Gabe Saporta, Erin Fetherston, Sessilee Lopez, Daniela Riccardi, Eli Mizrahi, Bonnie Morrison, Cole Miller, Darrell Hartman, Dana Drori, Chelsea Hagler, Giacomo Nicolodi, Marvin Scott Jarrett, William Takahashi, Hanna Hultberg, Justin Tarquinio, Kevin O'Malley, Fern Mallis, Guilia Vallotta, Darrin McWhorter, Amber Le Bon, Filippa Berg, Johan Lindeberg, Maurizio Marchiori, Carson Griffith, Alexis Bryan Morgan, Kithe Brewster, Memsor Kamarake, Stephanie Pia, Ann Hagge, Chelsea Tyler, Jefferson Hack, Kelechi Odu, Natacha Polaert, Angela Martinez, Kim Hastreiter, Dan Ragone, and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld. DJ Mia Moretti spun tunes and special guest St. Vincent performed at the event.

    [Cristiano Quieti, Renzo Rosso]

    [Emmy Rossum, Shay Mitchell]

    [Johan Lindeberg, Filippa Berg]

    [Angela Martinez, Giacomo Nicolodi, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, Petra Nemcova]

    [Erin Fetherston, Gabe Saporta]

    [Renzo Rosso, St. Vincent, Amber Le Bon]

    [Hanna Hultberg, William Takahashi, Filippa Berg, Johan Lindeberg, Darrell Hartman]

    [Chelsea Hagler, Giacomo Nicolodi, Sessilee Lopez]