Robert Verdi And Emmy Rossum Attend The Esprit Opening

by ALISON KRAWCZYK · March 24, 2010

    [All images by Chance Yeh for PMc] In celebration of Esprit's flagship store opening on 34th street, the brand hosted an exclusive party featuring a performance by Macy Gray. Emmy Rossum , Robert Verdi , Jennifer Love Hewitt, Erin Lucas, Andy Hilfiger, and Amanda Ross were among those who joined the Esprit in their celebration.-

    In addition to hosting parties, Esprit has recently developed the Love It And Leave It campaign, which begins tomorrow.

    With Love It and Leave It, the first 50 customers lined up at the flagship location with an invitation will receive a wrist band. The guests with the bracelets will be allowed in the store, where they will be allowed to pick a piece of clothing that they love. In exchange for this piece of apparel, the customer leaves a piece of their clothes. All the clothing collected will be donated to the Salvation Army.

    Don't fret if you're not within the first 50 people there, if you try on an outfit you will receive a $20 cash card for Esprit. For more information visit their website.


    Jennifer Love Hewitt, Macy Gray

    Eloise Burke, Merideth Melling Burke, Paula Meronek

    Erin Lucas, Andy Hilfiger, John Gunn

    Amanda Ross, Allison Petit, Chris Young

    David Meister, Jack Yeaton, Flo Fulton, Elizabeth Meigher

    Kari Talley, Flo Fulton, Annelise Peterson

    Macy Gray, Mia Moretti

    Ryan Kehoe, Paula Meronek, Todd Bacinich, Bianca Kawecki

    Lindsey Wheat, Macy Gray