Ryan McGinness' "Women: Blacklight Paintings And Sculpture" Exhibition Opening

by Sam Bobley · May 7, 2012

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    On Friday, Ryan McGinness held the opening reception for his exhibit, Women: Blacklight Paintings and Sculptures. The exhibition was creatively broken up into two parts: Uptown, Gering & Lopez Gallery will be showing McGiness' sketches and drawings, and Downtown, the Charles Bank Gallery will be showing the finished fluorescent black-light paintings and sculptures. The exhibit will continue until the end of June.

    Guests included David Byrne, Keppie, Adam Charles Greenberger, Oh Land, Kaws, Ulrika Talling Smith, Allen Grubesic, Eske Kath, Sandra Gering, Catherine Scales, and Francesca Bressi.

    [David Byrne]

    [Ryan McGinness]

    [Keppie] [Ulrika Talling Smith, Allen Grubesic]

    [Oh Land] [Ryan McGinness, Kaws]

    [Oh Land, Eske Kath]

    [Adam Charles Greenberger, Sandra Gering]

    [Catherine Scales, Francesca Bressi] [Keppie, Sandra Gering]

    [Ryan McGinness]