Scotch & Soda Launch Party

by Stephanie Maida · April 5, 2013

    When it comes to fashion, The Netherlands is hardly just the land of wooden shoes. Amsterdam-based label Scotch & Soda proved that the fun way last night at the grand opening party of their latest NYC location in Union Square. The ever-impeccable "It Girl" Tennessee Thomas danced behind the DJ deck, where she spun upbeat updates of '60s classics like "Ruby Tuesday" and "Season of the Witch." Guests browsed the colorful racks of the store's new spring collection while sipping Ketel One cocktails and munching on hors d'oeuvres provided by The Fat Radish.

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    [Caleb James, Millen Umoh, Keri Osborne, Cierra Sweet, Gabrielle Giacalone]

    Guests included Tennessee Thomas, Josh Madden, Ryan O'Connell, Marcel Castenmiller, Matt Hilt, Pete Voelker, Gabrielle Giacalone, Cheyenne Ogden, Ken Yamaguchi, Natalie Suarez, Michael Tommasiello, and Nettie Kent.

    [Natalie Suarez, Chris Reed] [Caleb Davenport, James Grierson, Josh Madden]

    [Marlies Quirino] [Marcel Castenmiller, Matt Hilt, Pete Voelker]

    [Tennessee Thomas]

    [Ashely Wilson, Amy Yobbi] [Susan Korn, Nettie Kent]