Shigeru Ban And Camper Unveil The New "House Of Shoes"

by Sam Bobley · May 23, 2012

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    Shigeru Ban and Camper celebrated the unveiling of Camper's New "House of Shoes" last night, at their 110 Prince Street location. The evening began with a question and answer session with Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, and Camper's Miquel Fluxa. Afterwards, guests enjoyed DJ Matt Kays music, and a selection of Spanish foods from Quely, Estrella, and Anima Negra.

    Guests included Shigeru Ban, Miquel Fluxa, James Reginato, Amanda Brooks, David X Prutting, Kevin Ryan, Mark Silver, Syl Tang, Sandra Gil, Rafael de Cardenas, Ellie Eckert, Nary Manivong, and Nadine Johnson.

    [Shigeru Ban, Miquel Fluxa]

    [Shigeru Ban, Miquel Fluxa]

    [Shigeru Ban]

    [Sandra Gil]

    [Scott Salavtor, Lori Widder]

    [James Reginato] [Livia Blanc, Franco Castillo]

    [Baul Mathieu, Herve Amiable]

    [Nary Manivong]

    [Anthony Vringer, Brian Ermanski]

    [Photos via BFA]