Social Divas (And Divos) Celebrate Social Media Week At The Rivington

by Chiara Atik · February 3, 2010

    Social Media week was in full swing last night at the Hotel On Rivington for the "Social Diva Celebrates Digital Divas" party, where guests were invited to get up close and personal with some internet micro-celebrities they probably stalk on tumblr and twitter.

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    Caroline McCarthy, Rachel Sklar, and Allison Mooney were just a few of the "social divas" on the party register. These Queens of Social Media took reign last night, with Nick McGlynn, Drew Grant, Andrew Cedotal, Brian Stelter and John Carney making up the rest of the Royal Court. (We'll let you decide who played the roles of consort, ladies-in-waiting, court jester, etc.) A few members of the Social Media Royal Family were missing (Peter Feld? Having an off-night?), but it's a long week of events for this group, and tomorrow night IS Obliterati, which is like, the equivalent of a State Dinner for these guys.

    Other people milled about to-and-fro, but the Royals held court in the couch area, laughing loudly at each other's jokes and racing to re-tweet and tumble them first, staying well into the night, morning deadlines be damned.

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