Sparkles At The CassandraCollections Launch Party

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · April 19, 2010

    On Friday, jewelry designers Allyson Giesen and Cassie King had a party in the Roger Smith Hotel to celebrate the new Spring designs of their line, CassandraCollections, which includes a few pieces that would be great Mother's Day gifts. (That was your daily reminder.)

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    CassandraCollections entered the world in 2008, when Cassie walked into Allyson's jewelry store in Dallas, and they realized they had similar tastes and creative ideas. After first designing a ring that everyone in Dallas' Whole Foods just had to have, the duo created necklaces, cuffs, earrings, and even some bracelets for men (which is quite bold territory).

    What's noteworthy of CassandraCollections is how freely Allyson and Cassie use precious stones, regardless of the season. Rather than sticking to pearls in winter and turquoise in summer, they're more than ready to explore designs with rutilated quartz, iolite, botswana agate, african opal, pink moonstone, and drusy quartz -- regardless of what way the wind is blowing. And how are we going to distract ourselves from how long it's taking for summer to arrive if we don't have rings of african opal on each of our fingers?