Stars Prep For Costume Institute Gala At The Bowery

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · May 4, 2010

    Gisele Bundchen, Tom BradyGisele Bundchen and Tom Brady primped and prepped for the Costume Institute Gala last night at the Bowery Hotel. It turns out, Rosario Dawson, Elizabeth Banks and Marion Cotillard chose to get ready there, too.-

    The way we see it, each of them all had help from at least (at least!) three people: a hair person, a makeup person, and a stylist. So chances are, they all kept to their rooms. However, we can't help but fantasize they were all on the same floor (doubtful, but humor us), and when the women were putting their dresses on, they ran down the hall to each other's rooms and asked to borrow bobby pins, "magic tape" or hairspray. The way we're picturing it, it was a lot like that trip to Washington you take with your sixth grade class, and it's a big deal. And someone gets yelled at for running down the hallway too loudly.

    (It was probably no big deal, none of this happened, we're imaging it all. None of this is provable. But that doesn't mean it didn't happen. We could just be incredibly intuitive.)


    Gisele Bundchen, Tom BradyGisele Bundchen, Tom Brady Gisele Bundchen, Tom Brady                   Gisele Bundchen

    Elizabeth Banksrosario dawson Elizabeth Banks                                      Rosario Dawson

    Emma RobertsMichael Sheen and Lorraine Stewart Emma Roberts                            Lorraine Stewart, Michael Sheen

    Gisele BundchenEmma Roberts Gisele Bundchen Emma Roberts

    Marion CotillardEmma Roberts Marion Cotillard                                   Emma Roberts

    Elizabeth BanksMarion Cotillard Elizabeth Banks Marion Cotillard

    [photos via pacificcoastnews]