Susan Miller And Todd English Host A Dinner "Under The Stars"

by Tracey Lewis · December 16, 2011

    Last night, Astrologer Susan Miller hosted an intimate dinner "Under The Stars," a zodiac-themed dinner with a side of cosmo (and we don't just mean the cocktail) at Cross Bar in the Limelight. The four course menu, created by Cross Bar's own Todd English, consisted of small dishes that represented the four astrological elements: earth, air, fire and water.

    If you've ever wondered why you adore cranberry vodka martinis but can't stand the taste of whiskey, your zodiac sign might have something to do with that.

    Prior to dinner, Susan held a 20-minute lecture to discuss the outlook for 2012 which, she says, will return to the age of traditional face-to-face communication.

    While Mixologist Gwen Sutherland Kaiser served up an open bar of specialty drinks throughout the night (one TY KU-infused recipe for each birth sign), saxophonist Daniel Bennett kept the crowd entertained with popular jazz classics.