Susanne Bartsch And Drag Queens Wish Dianne Brill A Happy Birthday

by TIFFANY ETESSAMI · April 9, 2010

    [All photos by Jonathon Ziegler for PMc] Nightlife legend Susanne Bartsch hosted an extravagant birthday bash for Dianne Brill last night at Royalton. Evidenced by the pictures that follow, everyone really wanted to hold their own against the two party pioneers.


    As with any Susanne Bartsch fete, everyone was decked out in crazy costumes, and there were fabulous boys who like to wear dresses out in full force. The greatest impression, though, was made by someone who goes by AK-47. With his larger than life cherry thing on his head, he should expect a call from Haus of Gaga ASAP.

    Amanda Lepore, Liam McMullan and fiancee Aesha Waks all helped Dianne blow out her birthday candles.

    Sally Randall Brunger, Anita Sarko, AK-47

    Diane Brill, Susanne Bartsch, Amanda Lepore

    Johanna Constantini, Saro, Jonte, Rosemarie Mueller, Shelagh Darcy-Hinds

    Edwige Belmore, Laurie Ogle, Mauricio Padilha, Phillipe Blond

    Johnny Dynell, Dianne Brill, Anna Evans, Kayvon Zand

    Elsa Behe, Adriana Kaegi, James Steele

    Jojo Romanoff, Melanie Aguirre

    Jonte, Rosemarie Mueller, Aesha Waks, Liam McMullan