Techies and Fashionistas Collide At Social Media Gone Chic

by Cary Randolph Fuller · February 4, 2010

    Social Media Week peaked on Wednesday night with a slew of tech parties, and one of the hottest tickets was to Social Media Gone Chic, a cocktail reception for some of the most stylish people on the web today. Guests enjoyed cocktails at the W Hotel in Union Square with the CEOs of their favorite luxury dot coms.


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    If you thought techies and web nerds had no sense of style or appreciation for the beautiful things, you were dead wrong, and last night's party, which marked the halfway point of Social Media Week, was living proof. Guests dressed up to swill and be swell with some of the e-luxury market's most powerful people, including Mindy Silverman, marketing director of, and Bryce Gruber, owner of both and Both spoke of social media's influence on the internet's market of luxury goods and where these two will merge and intersect in 2010. Who said that beauty and brains had to  be mutually exclusive?!