The 24th Letter Launch Party At Acme

by Chelsea Burcz · February 1, 2012

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    Last night, a new private (and exclusive) offline and online networking system, the 24th Letter, celebrated its official launch at the lounge below Acme. The notable guests sipped cocktails and chatted, as the event was the first of many "members only" get-togethers.

    CEO Lawrence Kaplan and Chief Brand Officer Horacio Silva, hosted guests such as Miles Trautman, Robert D'Arcangelo, Annelise Peterson, Maggie Borner, Ben Widdicombe, Elle Muliarchyk, Michael Rieck, Jay Scordia, Mariel Booth, Brad Samuel, Betsy Morgan, Anne Waterman, Tina Hayne, Candice Worth, Kyle Heller, William Smolen, Brittan Dunn, Lydia Fenet, Chelsea Burcz, Austin O'Malley, David Shapiro, Harry Beee, Bettina Prentice, Lisa Anastos, Zev Eisenberg, Matt Cohen, Serena Altschul, Brett David, Kristian Laliberte, Jesse Harris, Charlotte Sarkozy, Ben Pundole, Greg KesslerNadine Johnson, Judith Regan, Todd Eberle, Hannah Bronfman, and Mirabelle Marden.

    The 24th Letter brings together people of similar high accomplishment in an array of fields on an invite only basis, with the hopes that members will make connections both digitally and in face-to-face contact (whether it be socially or for business).

    [Horacio Silva, Lawrence Kaplan]

    [Left: Zev Eisenberg]

    [Kristian Laliberte, Megan Maguire Steele]

    [Brett David, Armand Limnander, Judith Regan]

    [Left: Rachel Sumers]

    [Middle: Harry Beee]

    [Middle:Kristian Laliberte, Right: Megan Maguire Steele]

    [Left: Todd Eberle, Middle: Elle Muliarchyk] [Elizabeth Gaynes, Jaymee Messler]

    [Left: Austin O'Malley, Chelsea Burcz]

    [Horacio Silva, Lawrence Kaplan]

    [Nadine Johnson, Todd Eberle chatting]

    [ Judith Regan, Lawrence Kaplan]

    [Middle: Charlotte Sarkozy]