The Babies Movie Has Something For Everyone

by Chiara Atik · April 29, 2010

    The HIGHLY anticipated documentary, BABIES, was shown last Tuesday night at the Tribeca Grand Screening Room. Sadly, the babies themselves did not make it to the screening, but Stacey Bendet, Ana Gasteyer, Gayle King, Hoda Kotb, Rachel Roy, and Nanette Lepore did.-



    Have you seen a preview for this movie? Do yourself a favor and watch it, and then do yourself a favor and haul your aching ovaries over and watch the whole thing. There's something for everyone in it!

    Chase Scenes!

    All of the babies have weird obsessions with cats, and chase them all over their various living spaces. It's a thrill a minute.


    The Mongolian baby has a little girlfriend in pigtails who follows him around. Racy!

    Terrifying moments!

    The Mongolian baby (he steals the show, it must be said) nearly gets trampled by like, a herd of cows. The audience gasped and involuntarily threw their popcorn in the air.

    Gross Out Scenes!

    I mean, they're babies, so. There's lots of spit/bodily fluid throughout. Also, at one point the Namibian baby eats what I'm pretty sure is human hair.

    Musical numbers!

    Lots of singing and clapping in groups at the Gymboree!

    Emotional Climaxes!

    The Japanese baby is PISSED when she can't figure out how to fit her square peg into a hole. A breakdown ensues.

    Uplifting moments!

    The babies overcome incredible physical hardships, like fat, disproportionate bodies with huge heads, and learn to walk!

    Nerfarious enemies!

    The Mongolian baby's brother is out to GET him.


    Goats play a surprisingly large role in this film.

    We're sure the guests at last Tuesday's screening were emotionally exhausted after the viewing experience. Oh, and did we mention the cute babies?

    Bobbie Thomas, Hoda Kotb, Andrew Karpen, James Schamus

    Ashley McDermott, Ana Gasteyer

    Carley Roney, Cristina Cuomo

    Gayle King, Ingrid Seynhaeve

    Irina Pantaeva, Zophia Renault, Jennifer Fisherman, Alison Brod

    James Schamus, Thomas Balmes, Andrew Karpen

    Nanette Lepore & Daughters, Natalie Morales

    Rachel Roy, Stacey Bendet

    Thomas Balmes, Veronica Webb

    [Photos via Star Tracks]