The GeekChicNYC And TOKYOPOP Launch Party

by Yumi Matsuo · October 14, 2011

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    From the mobile made of action figures to the elegant twist on common food, GeekChicNYC and TOKYOPOP had a successful launch into New York City at Kidrobot Wednesday night.

    GeekChicDaily's New York Edition will continue to deliver a daily dose of popular culture, from comics to video games, film, television, toys, collectibles and applications. In addition to editorial coverage, the company will also co-host local events that help New Yorkers feed their inner geeks whether on the web or on the town.

    CEO and Co-Founder of GeekChickDaily, Peter Levin was joined by key guests, Jim Gaffigan and wife Jeannie Noth, Jukka Hilden (Dudesons) and Mich Mathews. Guests enjoyed VIP transportation for the event, hosted by GroundLink, the first global online and mobile private car service.

    [Jukka Hilden, Peter Levin]

    [Jeannie Noth, Jim Gaffigan]

    [Jim Gaffigan, Peter Levin, Jeannie Noth]

    [Mich Mathews]