The Guest Of A Guest, Non-Internet Week Party At The Jane Ballroom

by guestofaguest · June 11, 2010

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    An Internet Week party is an Internet Week Party...unless of course you hold it at The Jane Ballroom and team up with Fatty Crew to serve Smoked Pork Loin Crostini and take flaming shots of Green Chartreuse from Frederick Wildman at the bar. That's when it becomes a chill non-internet party: a chance for guests to take a break from the crowded bacchanals of the week...-

    There was networking at The Guest of a Guest/ party, to be sure; hands were shaken, business cards exchanged, start-up ideas lauded. But mostly there was hanging out, eating good food, and taking a break from talking business.

    Todd Richman led a group of brave souls in a record-breaking round of "pass the fire" at the bar, while others relaxed with wine on the couches. The biggest crowd of the evening was always centered around the food bar, where people went back once, twice, three times for Fatty Dogs and strawberries with chili salt.

    Finally, bellies full, thirsts quenched, and fully recharged, guests headed into the night, ready to plunge back into the world of the internet, and its parties.

    Stanley especially wants to thank everyone who joined us last night! We hope we provided a fun respite from what we know is a busy week...

    Stanley Stuyvesant

    Dennis Crowley and Team Foursquare

    [The Foursquare Boys, dutifully checking in to Foursquare upon arrival. And yes, they are all wearing brown shirts.]

    [John Munson, Rachelle Hruska, Soraya Darabi, Caroline McCarthy]