The MEDIUM Group Presents Cocktails And Curators Honoring Paola Antonelli

by Gautam Balasundar · May 9, 2013

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    Last night, the MEDIUM Group and Beefeater 24 Gin came together to present an evening called "Cocktails and Curators," honoring Paola Antonelli, curator of architecture and design and director of research and development at the Museum of Modern Art. The event was hosted by Hannah Bronfman, Amani Olu, and Larry Ossei-Mensah, with music by Derrick Adams. Guests arrived at No. 8 for cocktails, music, and an evening of art.

    [Larry Osseai-Mensah, Hannah Bronfman, Paola Antonelli, and Amani Olu]

    [ZeShan Malik, Susi Kenna] [Laura De Gunzburg, Nick Remsen]

    Guests included Larry Osseai-Mensah, Hannah Bronfman, Paola Antonelli, Amani Olu, Cece Stucker, Jey Van-Sharp, Kwasi Gyasi, Wilston Peters, Derrick Adams, Katy Donoghue, Jeana Chung, Karen Lee, Melissa Howard, Peter Tittiger, Patton Hindle, Rebecca Chamberlaine, Rojeko Hockley, Brendan Fernandes, Casey Burrey, Caroll Tavares, Travis Mcmichael, Ava Rollins, Yllande Whitcomb, Matthew Knight, Betty Teshome, Aster Thomas, Martha Woldu, ZeShan Malik, Susi Kenna, Laura De Gunzburg, Nick Remsen, Ellen Joong, Tatyana Murray, Sean Tao, Abbey Drucker, Wlliam Stover, John Prince, Amber De Vos, Shiva Lynn Burdos, and Nicole Cohen.

    [Jeana Chung, Karen Lee, and Melissa Howard]

    [Hannah Bronfman] [Larry Osseai-Mensah, Amani Olu]

    [Jey Van-Sharp, Kwasi Gyasi, Larry Osseai-Mensah, Amani Olu and Wilston Peters]

    [Cece Stucker] [Katy Donoghue]

    [Peter Tittiger, Patton Hindle, and Rebecca Chamberlaine]

    [Rojeko Hockley, Brendan Fernandes] [Casey Burrey, Caroll Tavares]

    [Travis Mcmichael, Ava Rollins, Yllande Whitcomb, Matthew Knight]

    [Ellen Joong, Tatyana Murray, Amani Olu]

    [Sean Tao, Abbey Drucker] [Wlliam Stover, John Prince]

    [Amber De Vos] [Shiva Lynn Burdos, Nicole Cohen]

    [Betty Teshome, Aster Thomas, Martha Woldu]