The Met Costume Gala: The Complete Round-Up

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · May 4, 2010

    rachel zoeOkay, last call for all things related to the Met Costume Gala. (At least, we think it's going to be. We can't really promise anything.) But in case you've been waiting online at the DMV or something, here's all of our coverage about last night's gala.-

    Click HERE to read all about the costumes themselves, broken down and analyzed according to category and style. It's

    Click HERE if you're in a rush, but still want to take a peek at the dresses so that when you're in that dreaded meeting later, you'll have something non-spreadsheet related to think about.

    Click HERE to read all the tweets from the night, and learn how close Derek Blasberg came to Daniel Craig.

    Click HERE to see Jimmy Fallon's twitpic of Lady Gaga performing.

    Click HERE to read about how Lindsay Lohan's invite got "lost in the mail."

    And, a horse is a horse (of course of course!), HERE are some photos from the after party.

    And finally, click HERE to get some insight about what it could have been like for Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady to get ready for the event. There's also some photos in there, to offset the "speculative" parts.

    Oh, and there's this too.

    Katy perry Katy Perry glowed. Clearly.

    [image via @rzrachelzoe]