The Real Deal 10 Year Anniversary Party At TOY

by Stephanie Maida · April 19, 2013

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    The Real Deal Magazine, the number on Real Estate magazine in New York and the tri-state area, celebrated their Ten Year anniversary with a big blowout at TOY on Wednesday. The top players in Real Estate came out for the biggest event in The Real Deal history. Check out the photos from the party below.

    Guests included Amir Talai, Frayda Resnick, Genna Cole, Jamie Richter, Jennie Durkovic, Jessica Fiorenza, Jessica Gordon, Jessica Levy, Jessica Vianna, Katherine Clark, Kenneth Cyrus, Maddalena Pagano, Michelle Khezri, Misha Haghani, Monika Seidlova, Paulina Hakimi, Ross Fox, Sara Friedman, Sarah Williams, Tal Alexander, and Yuval Greenblatt.

    [Maddalena Pagano, Genna Cole, Jessica Gordon, Jamie Richter, Jennie Durkovic]

    [Frayda Resnick, Sara Friedman] [Katherine Clark, Tal Alexander]

    [Sarah Williams, Tal Alexander, Yuval Greenblatt, Monika Seidlova]

    [Jennie Durkovic, Ross Fox, Jessica Levy]

    [Kenneth Cyrus, Amir Talai] [Sarah Williams, Monika Seidlova]

    [Jessica Vianna, Jessica Fiorenza]

    [Paulina Hakimi, Michelle Khezri] [Misha Haghani]