The Timeshare Backyard Opening Party

by Afrodet Zuri · August 12, 2011

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    Last night, the Participation Agency hosted a sneak peek of Timeshare Backyard, a pop-up suburban backyard inside of a transformed vacant lot at 145 Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side. Free booze compliments of Becks, Kopparberg and Shock Top was served across the street at Cake Shop. Grilled hot dogs and water balloons were in strong supply.

    The backyard will be fully customizable and available for $50 an hour until August 28th. Guests are invited to furnish their private suburban backyard by selecting from the folder of supplementary add-ons. Things like a play pool, slip’n’slide, hammock, packed cooler, hammock, a BBQ with meat selection, keg, a garden hose, sparklers, beer cozies, trampoline, hula hoops, water balloons, lanterns or popsicles and more.

    For more info: [The Backyard Time Share: Would You Spend $50 For Green Space Between 2 Buildings?]