The Wendy Walk Cocktail Night Event

by Ramya Velury · January 19, 2012

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    Last night, The Wendy Walk held a cocktail event at The Magician in the Lower East Side to raise awareness about Liposarcoma and The Wendy Walk.

    In support of their mother, Wendy, The Wendy Walk was founded by Ali, Matt and Jackie Landes. The Wendy Walk is annual event that takes place in New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles. The walk raises funds for a rare and currently incurable cancer, Liposarcoma. For more information about The Wendy Walk, check out their website!

    [Jackie Landes, Matt Landes]

    [Right: Beth Landes]

    [Left: Ali Landes; Second photo, Right: Matt Landes]

    [Ali Landes, Jackie Landes]

    [Center: Ali Landes]

    [Right: Jackie Landes]

    [Center: Jackie Landes]