This Year's Met Gala Theme Is Like, Fine...

by Christie Grimm · May 3, 2021

    While it may not be taking place on the first Monday in May (hello, that's today!), the Met Gala is back following a COVID-forced 2020 hiatus. 

    And just what is the infamous dress code to be this year?

    "American Independence."

    While the theme is definitely timely, I struggle to get excited about a sea of predictably red, white and blue ensembles. Definitely going to be too Tommy Hilfiger Haute Couture, you know?

    And suffice it to say we can't be the only ones who are a little unenthused. I mean, you know Diane von Furstenberg has to be kicking herself for dressing as a self-interested version of the Statue of Liberty back in 2019... 

    What's she going to wear now? 

    An Uncle Sam costume stamped with her logo?!

    I suppose there are a few different fashion routes people can take beyond just Stars and Stripes forever. Lady Gaga could show up as a Revolutionary War soldier on a horse. Like, that could be kind of fun maybe?

    Regardless, we'll obviously be tuning in on September 13th to see who's wearing what as they try not to fall down those insane stairs. And with the hodgepodge of young co-chairs - Timothée Chalamet, Billie Eilish, Amanda Gorman, and Naomi Osaka (love her, but for this? You've got to admire Anna Wintour's shameless obsession with tennis...) - you know it's going to be an interesting night!

    [Photo via Getty Images, @dvf]