Toronto Now Hosts Invasion Toronto SocialScape

by ALISON KRAWCZYK · May 5, 2010

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    In order to familiarize New York City with the city of Toronto, Tourism Toronto hosted a reception called, Invasion Toronto SocialScape. At the Astor Center last night guests enjoyed wine and food as they Tweeted and mingled. -

    @SeeTorontoNow, also known as Tourism Toronto, invited their top followers, fans and social media connected friends to their soiree. The attendees were encouraged to wear a special hat, including crowns or a Santa Clause cap.

    Guests were given cooking tutorials using Toronto's best ingredients and recipes. To the delight of some guests, the cooking instructors were two females dressed in rhinestone encrusted bikinis and feather headdresses.

    In addition, there was an on sight mixologist teaching the guests how to make the perfect cocktails, including a Gure-Pufuru-Tsu or a Shooga. To finish off the evening was an ice wine tasting.