VandM Insiders Launch Event To Benefit The Museum Of Arts And Design

by Katherine Bonnin · November 10, 2011

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    Last night VandM (Vintage and modern) held a party at the Lambs Club in celebration of inSIDERS, a new online magazine that focuses on style setters in design, fashion, fine art, and collecting.

    The invite only event benefitted The Museum of Arts and Design, with 20% of the proceeds going to the Museum. The evening featured an a la carte dinner as well as a live jazz performance.

    Had a great time! RT last night was too much fun LOVE TO ALL XOXO - @vandm

    The event was hosted by Margaret Zakarian, Geoffrey Zakarian, Heidi Lee, Malini Murjani, Selima Salaun, Greg Unis and Carla Holtze. Other guests included Marisa Bartolucci, Adam Smith, Robin Baron, Visnja Brdar, Basak Tan, Ashlina Kaposta, Whitney Wilkening, Erin Bazos, Lindsey Coral Harper, Joanne De Palma, Drew McGukin, Paul Frankel, Richard Baquero, Harrier Weintraub, Paul Lerner, Lynda Baquero, Barbara Dixon, Marisa Marcantonio, Tom Lompson, Eve Krzaynowski, Tamara Moscowitz, Mathew Price, Kathie De Chirico, Albert Sultan, Franck Sarrabezolles, Bill Indursky, Vera Djonovic, Talis Lin, Nick Marmol, Rosalie Hawley, Cait Fields, Kerri King, Casey McConnell, and Suzanne Charle.

    [Lynda Baquero]

    [Ashlina Kaposta]

    [Cucu Diamantes, Whitney Wilkening, Eve Krzyzanowski]

    [Lynda Baquero, Cucu Diamantes, Franck Sarrabezolles]

    [Erin Bazos]