VandM Supports Latin Art For BrazilFoundation

by Sara Schnackel · July 14, 2011

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    VandM is a company that sells unique vintage furniture, art, antiques, jewelry, textile and collectibles.  This summer they are hosting the VIP Summer of Art and Photography. To show their support for Latin Art, VandM hosted an exhibition and charity event benefiting the BrazilFoundation. Guests congregated at the 1500 Gallery for an evening of drinks and fine art. The event was hosted by  Interior Designer Richard A. Baquero, Bobo Restaurant Owner Carlos Suarez, and Artist Lucia Warck Meister. Notables that attended include Andrew S. Klug and Alexandre Bueno de Moraes, owners of 1500 Gallery, R. Adam Smith, Eve Kryzynowski, the VandM Team (Bill Indursky, Talis Lin, Nick Marmol, Vera Djonovic, Cait Fields, and Kerri King), Robert W. McNeely, Wendy Moonan, Dino Tantawi, Harriet Weintraub, Gillian Rose, Ellen Price, and Patricia Borges.