Vanity Disorder And Mixed Signals Closing Reception

by Spencer Rothman · March 12, 2012

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    Friday night, guests gathered at the Charles Bank Gallery for the closing reception of "Vanity Disorder and Mixed Signals." The exhibition by Icelandic artist, Shoplifter, was comprised of sculptures and wall installations made from synthetic and actual human hair.

    Shoplifter recalled getting a braid done on her own hair as a child, and said it was as traumatic as losing a limb. In a recent interview, she explained,

    We are all obsessed with hair. If you think about it, everybody has to squeeze out some kind of creativity dealing with your hair. Every individual has to make a choice, to deal with it, there is no way this can be completely unconscious, you either brush it or not or have it cut, but you always need to tame it in some way."

    Paul Dano was among the guests who stopped by the exhibition to witness the world of hairy monsters and braided creations.

    [R: Paul Dano]

    [L: Shoplifter]