Venus et Fleur Celebrate Their New Tabletop Collection With A Rose-Filled Soirée At Raf's

by Guest of A Guest · September 15, 2023

    Last evening's Venus et Fleur fête was giving major Beauty and the Beast romance vibes...

    Downtown culinary hot spot Raf's turned an enchanting scene for the occasion, sprinkled with red rose buds and lit by silver candelabras with tall tapers - a very fitting tableau for the celebrity favorite floral brand's newly bloomed home collection of rose-filled vases, plates, bowls, glassware and coasters.

    Ever the welcoming hosts, Venus et Fleur co-founders, Seema Bansal-Chadha and Sunny Chadha treated guests Romilly Newman, Sophie Elgort, Mary Leest, Elizabeth Kurpis, Tara Moni, Jasmin Larian Hekmat and more to a fashionable feast. Courses upon courses - caviar and creme fraiche canapes, family style plates of pasta, the restaurant's signature roast chicken and a too-delicious-to-resist chocolate torte - kept the party lingering late into the night.

    Sophie Elgort, Elizabeth Kurpis

    Romilly Newman

    Tara Moni, Seema Bansal-Chadha, Mary Leest

    Isiah Magsino

    Seema Bansal-Chadha, Zahara Khan, Jasmin Larian Hekmat

    Mariah Thomas

    Christie Grimm

    Charlotte Groeneveld, Tara Moni

    [Photos by Madison McGaw for BFA]