WallflowerFood & Ali Khan's 'Disco Brunch' At Southside

by Alexa Mehraban · November 18, 2013

    Southside Disco Brunch  Southside Disco Brunch  Southside Disco Brunch  Southside Disco Brunch

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    This past Saturday, lifestyle brand WallflowerFood and Ali Khan hosted a 'Disco Brunch' at Southside. The 'Disco Brunch' initiative was started in an effort to give DJ's exposure in an intimate crowd setting. Though the event series is only on its second run, it has proven to be a huge success.

    Guests sipped on champagne and enjoyed some chocolate covered strawberries while getting down to a DJ set by Plastic Plates. Most of the attendees include people who work in the fashion and entertainment industry including Kristie Dash, Hannah Bibb and Denise Rollandi.

    Looking ahead, upcoming DJs will include Penguin Prison, Plastic Plates, Jessie Andrews, Karl Kling of RAC, Pat Mahoney from LCD Soundsystem. This invite-only event will be held at Southside every Saturday this winter.

    WallflowerFood 'Disco Brunch' at SouthsideWallflower 'Disco Brunch' at Southside

    Sarah Bagaco, Alexandra Meredith

    Ryan CrasperWallflower 'Disco Brunch' at Southside

    Ben Shellington, Wes Vesprini

    Sabastion KimmelNora Parry, Emily Weber, Brooks Hauf, Liz Colicchio

    Egor Petrov, Portia Smith, Sabastion Kimmel, Sam Nelson, Joe Hanson