Webby Awards Generate A Lot Of Buzz (Aldrin?)

by Chiara Atik · June 15, 2010

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    The Webby Awards, held last night at Cipriani Wall Street, honor the best of the internet innovation, the most cutting edge website, the latest in cyber technology, the hippest of web-usage. So of course it makes perfect sense that Buzz Aldrin was there to accept an award.-

    Aldrin, of course, was merely accepting an award on behalf of NASA (sure, they can't make functioning spaceships but they sure do know their way around Dreamweaver!). It still seems a little weird; one guest appearance on 30 Rock does not an internet pioneer make!

    Other random winners from last night included The Airforce, Jim Carrey, and something called "Hank The Singing Bottle", which disappointingly is about glass packaging and not, you know, singing bottles.

    Also, Bucknell University got an award for their virtual tour. Very exciting stuff.

    And of course, there were the well-deserved awards that went to the sites we constantly use and hear about: Flickr, AwkardFamilyPhotos, Tumblr, Chatroulette, and what is perhaps truly the most useful website of all, Mint.com.

    BJ Novak hosted the awards, while Jason Bateman and Will Arnett both presented. Amy Poehler won the Webby Award for Best Actress, which industry insiders know is the natural pre-curser to an Oscar.

    Also, Neyo performed. Because, why wouldn't he?

    After the ceremony, attendees kept the party alive at the after-party at Hiro (MAN can those Bucknell guys party!)