The Fascinating Fashion Phenomena That Is The Whitney Art Party

by Guest of A Guest · February 1, 2024

    Despite always having a very clear sartorial theme, each year The Whitney Art Party is reliably a most interesting, fascinating phenomena of an evening where everyone in attendance somehow manages to be at a different party...

    Some people are in black tie, some people are in cocktail attire, some are full on ready to hit the club, and some are in jeans, sneakers and backpacks - each too cool, in their own way, to be so easily classed together, barely anyone actually paying attention to the theme. 

    Ah, downtown!

    This year's botanical-inspired event saw the museum's floors filled with artfully inclined patrons / partygoers, catching up over cocktails, exploring the galleries, including a special first look at Harold Cohen: AARON, an exhibition on AI in artmaking, and dancing to DJ sets by MGMT and Samantha Urbani.

    Curious to see who wore what?

    Lilah Ramzi

    Ashley Longshore

    Casey Kohlberg, Bach Mai

    Charles Roussel, Marcarson

    Jack James, Daniel Walters

    Kit Keenan, Cynthia Rowley

    Tori Taylor, Clayton Calvert

    Steven Beltrani, Micaela Erlanger, Edward Barsamian, Alexander Hankin

    Hunter Parkhill, Apollinaria Broche, Lowery Houston

    Elise Taylor

    Emily Hampshire

    Pieper James

    Caroline Vazzana

    Beverly Nguyen, Joshua Glass

    Nidaa Ombali, Anwarii Musa

    Angie Mar

    Catherine Smith Licari, Molly Krause

    Christopher Griffin

    Dara Allen

    Erin Lichy

    [Photos by Madison Voelkel]