You So Need To Go To Unicorn Carnival This Weekend

by Christie Grimm · September 14, 2017

    Face it, Labor Day weekend is always anticlimactic. And hey - there's still a smidge of summer left to soak up in the air. Thus, this Sunday's second annual Unicorn Carnival is the perfect place for one last hurrah of the season. It is held at Coney Art Walls, after all. And like, who's going to complain about tripping it out to chill by some roller coasters, art, and the beach?

    Expect magic, makeup, music and more at this one-day only lady loving shindig. With names like Justine Skye and Allie Simpson taking the stage, it'll be a day of girl power to the nth degree. And this year, the festival will give a portion of proceeds to SOCIAL TEES ANIMAL RESCUE, a non-profit taking in abandoned animals from kill shelters. 

    Created by Winky Lux, which specializes in cruelty-free & non-toxic cosmetics, just don't forget to bring your best face with you. Though honestly, if you do, something tells us you'll have plenty of lip plumping, cheek blushing options to choose from.