Willie Garson Cashes In On Sex And The City Frenzy

by NATASHA STORER · May 27, 2010

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    Willie Garson aka Stanford Blatch, aka Carrie's gay husband/bitchy confidante, aka the big gay wedding in SATC 2 (oops, did I give it away?) cashed in on all the Sex Madness descending over NYC by hosting a midnight screening and subsequent SATC tour for all the ladies who wish to emulate their aging heroes.


    The 9 hour tour - that's right 9 hours - included a dinner, SATC hotspots tour (you know the one where you take a bus past Sushi Samba, O'Neal's, Pleasure Chest) dinner, a ticket to a midnight screening of the movie and admission to hot-spot (circa 2005) Marquee all for only $179!

    As surprised as we were by the hefty fee to watch a movie that is getting blasted by the critics, what was of no surprise was that there was still a long line of ladies happy to cough up for their own cupcake and cosmo experience.

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