Young Collectors Night At The Winter Antiques Show: A Stately Affair

by Ross Kenneth Urken · January 28, 2011

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    Young Collectors Night at the Winter Antiques Show had the Upper East Side/Greenwich vibe you might expect with a primly dressed crowd unafraid to embrace the fancy at the Park Avenue Armory.

    Kipton Cronkite spoke to us about his new KiptonART digs on the Upper East Side.

    He stayed close to his hubby Laurence Kaiser much of the evening.

    The event featured blue-chip designers Nate Berkus, Jamie Drake, and Jonathan Adler, and the attendees drank, and noshed, and gazed at the impressive pieces--not without a critical eye.

    Though they thought  Tiffany lamps were nice, the woman on the right poo-pooed these mirrors with an sudden "nuh-uh," as it were.

    "Did you see that one?" she asked.

    "Get out! No way, really?"