Young Entrepreneurs Of Manhattan Cocktail Hour

by Courtney McGowan · October 3, 2011

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    Last Friday, the Shoreham Hotel hosted an impromptu mixer for young entrepreneurs and philanthropists of New York City. Attendees were young but notable CEOs in the tech, entertainment and philanthropy.

    The evening was a success, with guests enjoying Shoreham's signature Negroni cocktail and specialty Chicago brews.  Attendees included movie producer Andrea Chung, Kwasi Asare, mastermind behind Diddy's new media empire, entrepreneur Brett Icahn, models Joanne Borgella and Katya Zharkova, author Christopher J. Brownfield, entrepreneur Wyatt Rockefeller and CNBC reporter Seema Mody, to name a few.

    Hosts Wyatt Rockefeller, Joanne Borgella, Andrea Chung, and Seema Mody with guests.

    Seema Mody with guests.

    (L) Wyatt Rockefeller and Chris Coffee. (R)

    Hosts Wyatt Rockefeller and Andrea Chung with Barbara Wennerholm.

    Model Katya Zharkova and guest.