Ask Natty: Have A Fashion Question? Our Stylist's Got The Answers

by Natalie Decleve · March 3, 2011

    As a stylist, our Fashion Correspondent, Natalie Decleve is constantly inundated with fashion questions from friends and fans. You know – the really tough stuff like: WHO makes the best skinny jeans? WHERE can I shop for good vintage? WHAT the heck are dhoti pants?!

    Now on Guest of a Guest, ASK NATTY offers the opportunity to get your trickiest fashion puzzles ANSWERED!

    Dear Natty –

    It’s finally March, which means that spring is around the corner…but it’s still so COLD out. I’m tired of wearing my same sweaters and all black every day. Are there any spring trends that I can start wearing NOW?

    -Bored of Black

    Dear Bored –

    The bad news is, winter lasts an extra month or so in NYC – despite what the calendar claims. The good news? There are lots of ways to break into the season with your wardrobe, weather be damned. One of my faves is the WHITE trend. Here’s how to rock it for winter:

    Step One: Forget everything you’ve ever heard about not wearing white before Easter.

    Step Two: Grab a white dress (anything from a long flowy maxi dress, to something formfitting like Lindsey Lohan’s infamous Kimberly Ovitz dress --shown below).

    Step Three: Layer it with tights and booties, and a chunky cardigan OR a leather jacket. OR start incorporating the 70’s trend with a furry vest and boots.

    Et VOILA – a quick way to lighten up your pre-spring look.