Bebe Opens Flagship Store In Soho

by HANNAH LAWRENCE · February 16, 2010

    Good news bebes: there's a new bebe in the city! Last night was the opening of a flagship store in Soho, and in addition to the smashing clothes and accessories displays, Grizz Chapman from "30 Rock" looked stellar despite waiting for a kidney transplant.

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    The beats of DJ Little Boots encouraged people to make more than one trip around the store. We're sure traffic came to a standstill around the accessory table, which now that we think about...maybe that was the reason Grizz was there! Perhaps he was scoping out the chains and other adornments and looking at prospective new additions for his, Dot Com, Tracy Morgan's costumes on "30 Rock!" We agree, Grizz -- gold looks good on you.

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