Carson Kressley Gives Us His Fall Fashion Trends And Tips

by Mara Siegler · August 19, 2011

    Stores have started stocking fall fashion and the weather (weep) is already turning cooler. As you prep to start shopping for next season's wardrobe, who better to get advice from than former Queer Eye fashion guru, Carson Kressley. He's currently doling out advice on Carson Nationon the O channel, but he had some specific tips especially for GofG readers at the Couture Council's Annual Summer Party.

    First Off Avoid These Fashion Mishaps

    1) "Wear the right size. I think so many women are like, "Oh, I'm going to camouflage my body with a big size," or guys are wearing huge pants. And it's just like, wear things a little more tailored. No matter what size you are you're going to look better."

    2) 'Don't go out there and buy a statement piece of clothing, and then realize you can only wear it one or two times without getting sick of it. And not really investing in great accessories that they can really bring back to their basics and really reinvent themselves with is another mistake."

    Fall Trends For Women

    "I think color blocking continues. You can see lots of bold color blocking from lots of different designers. Donna Karen, for one, has a great color block collection for fall."

    "You're going to see touches of lace along with leather, which is a really cool juxtaposition—I love using that word, $2! Who's doing that? BCBG is doing that really beautifully for Fall."

    You're going to see the stacked wedge and a chunkier heel, the stacked loafer. It's not going to be so much about the stiletto, it's going to be a chunkier, kind of a granny heel. I know it doesn't sound cute. I'm not a big fan, but it's a trend, what can I say?"

    "Faux fur. Faux fur, everywhere. I think it's the way to go, you know? No one feels bad, and no seals die."


    "Smaller—like clutches, square little satchels, little doctor's bags instead of those huge bags we've been seeing the last couple of years."

    The Perfect Outfit For A Night On The Town

    "I think a dress can be tricky because if you fall, someone can see your naughty bits. And I always fall when I go to a club. I think great jeans, an amazing heel, a little kind of Chanel-inspired jacket, and a little sparkly tank is like, perfect. You can layer so you can take things off, the more drunk you get."

    Fall Trends For Men

    "For guys I think the vibe for fall is what's old is new again, you know, it's going back to that retro-sexual vibe which is, you know, wearing what our fathers wore."

    "Wearing ties, wearing things a little skinnier, some tailored pieces.

    "Hats are, you know, as much as we all want hats to come back—and you know, Mad Men has inspired people to wear hats. Unfortunately, they're just not a real part of the way people live in our modern world, but I encourage people to bring them back and they certainly make a statement."

    Our favorite tip for guys is his thoughts on the whole beard/mustache/weird facial hair trend:

    "I think well-tailored, it can be really hot. Otherwise it can really tickle and give you a rash. I speak from experience."

    Well said, Carson Kressely.