Derek Blasberg And Alexa Chung Find All Things Fashion At The Rodeo At Madison Square Garden

by Chelsea Burcz · January 9, 2012

    Madison Square Garden plays host to NBA basketball, ice skating, and concerts. But over the weekend the rodeo came to town -- and Derek Blasberg and Alexa Chung couldn't pass up the opportunity to check out real live cowboys. Let's take a look at their little adventure to witness all things American...

    Derek posted on his blog this morning about his afternoon at the rodeo. Of course, I should point out that most of the re-cap is mostly about fashion, opposed to stinky bulls. Beneath the odorous smells of animals, he was able to fine all things "classy."

    From Derek's blog he writes,

    "Fashion-wise, it was a visual feast. There were a plethora of colored bandanas, oversized wide-brimmed hats, embellished metallic chaps, gigantic belt buckles, cowboy boots, frosted eyeshadow, lip liner that was a shade darker than the lipstick, and people of all ages speaking in the sing song twang that’s so endearing from country folk. Yes, I can say country folk and not sound racist because I’m from Missouri."

    Even more hilarious, Derek points out the wide range in music:

    The big bonus was the music; whoever DJs these things has an amazing sense of humor and an outrageously short attention span. The rodeo soundtrack hopped between Elton John, Guns N Roses, the Black Eyed Peas, Beyonce and Joan Jett with neither rhyme nor reason and never more than a few minutes.

    [Alex Chung, Derek Blasberg]

    Check out the video he made of his day here:

    [All photos via Mr. Blasberg]