DVF Rocks A "To Haiti With Love" Shirt At Liz Claiborne Scholarship Party

by Chiara Atik · February 4, 2010

    Last night, Diane Von Furstenberg showed her support of Haiti relief AND future generations of Fashion Designers at a celebration for the Liz Claiborne Fashion Scholarship, held at the DVF Studio in the Meatpacking district.-

    Guests at the event included Elie Tahari, Erin Fetherston, Gohar Rajabzadeh, Melissa Berkelhammer, and Liz Claiborne's husband Art Ortenberg, who contributed a major endowment to the CFDA Scholarship Program to include a merit-based $25,000 Liz Claiborne Fashion Scholarship Award.

    If you want to look as fashionable as DVF does (well, you can try...) while helping out Haiti, you can purchase A Tee For Haiti for $25. The shirt, part of the CFDA Fashion For Haiti initiative, will benefit the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

    Art Ortenberg, Gohar Rajabzadeh, Niloufar Mozaffari, Diane von Furstenberg

    Erin Fetherston                                   Elie Tahari

    Genevieve Ernst, Elizabeth Luby, Katie Hollins, Kristine Pizzelanti

    Melissa Berkelhammer                  Niloufar Mozaffari

    Sara Hogan, Danielle Billinkoff, Betsy Shelton

    Richard Lambertson, John Truex     Victoria Bartlett, Nancy Caton

    Teddy Tinson, Roland Nivelais

    [All photos by Billy Farrell for PMc]