Fashionable Until The End: What Are You Wearing For The Apocalypse?

by Natalie Decleve · May 19, 2011

    You’ve seen the posters in the subway, you’ve heard the rumors… Judgment Day is upon us! Well, at least according to a small group of Christian fundamentalists led by 89 year old radio host, Harold Camping. So with the threat of the apocalypse hovering over us all, I asked around for the really tough questions…

    1. If the end of the world was really this Saturday, and you had one day to blow all of your money before it's worthless, what would you buy? 2. What one item from your closet would you take to the grave? 3. What would you wear your last day on earth?

    From the extravagant to the sentimental, check out what these folks had to say about Doomsday fashion:

    Name: Debra Goldstein Occupation: Flirtexting

    1. A lot of really good food. I hope Jean-Georges is working that day. 2. A gold ring my grandmother gave me. 3. Ridiculously high stilettos.



    Name: Aaron Occupation: Sales at Saks 5th Ave

    1. Blow being the operative word Darling... I would Have to go to Saks for my Cartier Rose Gold Ballon Bleu. After that, I would set me clock so I know how much time I have left to hit Bergdorf Goodman for some amazing men's Givenchy. I would then head to the Calvin Collection boutique on Madison and snag all the major pieces of this season, notably the amazing coral and turquoise stunners. Lastly, I would end with a REAL bang, at the Tom Ford boutique and grab an amazing look for my mom from his premiere women's collection and throw in some major silk robes, shades, colognes and sportswear for myself. 2. To date, my Tom Ford for Gucci final collection velvet monogram loafers. 3.Tom Ford Tux (Look 36 S/S 2011) / Givenchy Loafers / Calvin coral speedo underneath in case I can swim and save myself... HELP!

    Name: Heather Occupation: Blogger/attorney

    1. Shoes, shoes and more shoes! 2. A basic white tank 3. Jeans, tank, leather jacket, and phenomenal shoes (maybe some Artsy Armadillo Mcqueens or strappy/flower detail Valentinos)


    Name: Eunice Cho Occupation: Business and Product Development Manager

    1. Plane tickets to Yountsville for me and all my loved ones, a gigantic table at the French Laundry and the biggest and longest lunch with extra truffle courses, no doubt! Before making the trip to Yountsville, I might purchase a whole set of Goyard luggage to sit on during lunch (and to prop my Anastasia Radevich clad feet on); I might as well put them to good use if they're all going to waste in a few short hours. 2. Assuming technically anything can be kept in closets, my boyfriend. Other than that… his dogs or my Cartier Tank so that I can see how long eternity lasts. 3. I'm practical. If the end must happen, I want it to happen quickly, but I also have to prepare myself against the elements! My outfit would consist of an inside-inside layer, an inside layer and an outside layer: On the inside-inside: Lisa Marie Fernandez bikini set, just in case the weather gets fiery-hot. On the inside: Jill Sander trousers (Black), Nicholas Kirkwood heels (Purple), Comme de Garcon ruched shirt (White)- a clean and tailored, but slightly somber outfit- only makes sense. On the outside: A giant puffy Moncler jacket to protect my outfit from dust, wind and possible extreme temperatures.

    Name: Pat Patterson Occupation: Actor/Producer

    1. A first class plane ticket to LA 2. Push up bra-in black with black lace undies 3. My new black Diane Von Furstenberg dress, tortoise shell high heels and the new jewelry I have not yet worn that goes with it all.


    Name: Matthew Simonelli Occupation: Costume Designer

    1. I'd forget about clothes, instead I'd buy some Xanax, drink some champagne, shed my clothes, and treat myself to an all day experience at the spa in the mandarin oriental... Deep tissue massage- amazing facial- anything and everything! 2. No… come on?! Practically speaking you'd need 2 items. My white and Warren cream travel blanket and my vintage Lilly Pulitzer swim suit. I feel I should be ready for anything in the afterlife. 3. I'd go formal! A white dinner jacket and trousers and my Michael Bastian tux shirt, Lots of jewelry, A midnight blue bowtie, and an amazing tan or white buttery leather loafer.

    Name: Krystal "little bitty keysie poo" Marshall :) Occupation: Actor

    1. I would spend the money on a plane ticket around the world, and do my best to beat the clock by chasing behind the sun, in hopes to avoid the Apocalypse all together. 2. I would take my pink and white crocheted baby blanket. My mom made it for me when I was still a squirt, and it's the coolest thing I own. 3.I'd probably stop by an army surplus store and purchase some very sexy yet durable, G.I Jane type getup. Equipped with a bullet-proof vest, and a stylish chrome helmet. I plan to go down in a blaze of glory.


    Name: Carrie Mar Occupation: High school teacher

    1. First, a bunch of delicious, fattening foods and carbs because it would no longer matter that my clothes didn't fit!! Second, probably a fabulous bathing suit and some killer sandals so I could be comfortable in the warm-and-toasty place I would definitely be headed to if the fundamentalists are right about all this... 2. As of right now, my red wedding dress, because apparently I won't get the chance to wear it! And again, I think it would fit nicely into the aesthetic of the underworld. 3. Hmmm... If I knew it was my last day, then probably the drag-queeniest thing I could find in my closet (like my Glittery Steve Madden stilettos, perhaps?). But most likely, I'd be wearing jeans, flip-flops, and one of my super-comfy JCrew t-shirts. Which is what I wear pretty much every day I don't have to dress for work.

    Name: Neal Bledsoe Occupation: Actor

    1. I would a chimpanzee, maybe a bonobo, which are those cool hippie chimps. The apocalypse might get very lonely and boring as I'm assuming there would be no movies or TV, so the chimp could entertain me and keep me company. Chimpanzee. Final answer. 2. I want to buried in the buff. 3. The chimp and I would both go all natural, maybe a fig leaf for modesty. Can't be offending God on judgment day. I'll need all the help I can get.