Greg Lauren Joins Uncle Ralph In The World Of Fashion

by guestofaguest · February 4, 2010

    Another member of the Ralph Lauren family rises to the call of fashion.  Artist Greg Lauren, nephew of renowned fashion designer Ralph Lauren, launched his new exhibit Counter Couture" last night at the French Institute Alliance Franςais (fi:fa) with wife Elizabeth Berkley Lauren by his side to support. First successful as a painter, Lauren's Counter Couture exhibit is compiled of sculptures of clothing made out of paper.  Although Uncle Ralph was not on the scene, many of Lauren's friends and family came out to support including family members Dylan Lauren (CEO & Found of Dylan's Candy Bar),  Beth Lauren, Andrew Lauren and Jerry Lauren (Ralph's brother).

    Dylan Lauren, Bonnie Pfeifer-Evans, Mary Reynolds Clark

    Agnes Thiely, Tristan de Terves                Chiu-Ti Jansen

    Jerry Lauren, Dylan Lauren and Beth Lauren

    Marie Monique Steckel, Elizabeth Berkley Lauren, Tristan de Terves

    Cecile Spire, Rob Spire, Elizabeth Berkley Laurend

    Dori Cooperman, Greg Lauren  Moshe Shuster, Monica Aravi, Shai Turner