Hot Or Not: Cannes Film Festival Edition

by Anna Lombardi · May 18, 2011

    The Cannes Film Festival is in full swing, and inevitably so is the fashion! That being said, even our favorite celebrities don't always get it right when it comes to their outfits. Below are some of the best, and worse dressed thus far.

    The Hot List

    Penelope Cruz, who is in Marchesa and her co-star Johnny Depp are stunning at the premier of their movie Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides'

    You don't usually think 'best dressed list' and Jodie Foster; but she is keeping it simple, classic and age appropriate, you go girl!

    Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Sefani always so fierce. As if I didn't want to be adopted by these two before...

    Hello Mr. Jude Law! This dapper get up almost makes us forget about the whole "hair thinning" situation.

    Up and comers/cast mates Sam Claflin and Astrid Berges-Frisbey from 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' look fab at the premier

    Chinese actress Tang Wei has just the right amount of sophistication without being boring

    The cut, the fit, the color, Armani Privé was a good choice Zoe Saldana

    French actress Delphine Chaneac keeps things sexy and fun

    Angelina Jolie looked stunning in Versace

    Naomi Campbell does Pucci right

    The Not So Hot...

    Vanessa Hudgens we get it, you love your boho chic style. But Coachella is over, this is the Cannes Film Festival, step it up! We know you can.

    They are not related but as far as this post is concerned Fan BingBing and Li BingBing also share bad fashion decisions.

    Really, Brad Pitt? Between the overload of white, and poorly fitted pants the whole thing is just not working.

    Julie Judd reminds us that simply because something is a trend does not mean it is fit for every one. Always wear the dress, never let the dress wear you

    Now, if this were a picture of Sonam Kapoor from her waist up you might believe her Jean Paul Gaultier's dress was one of the best; however it all goes downhill from there. As far as the second photo, yeah...

    Bar Refaeli always looks stunning, but the heels with the jewlery overload made this dress a little trashy, and something about the 'up do' with it all is just very, very... 1998.

    Oh Mia Wasikowska how old are you? The dress does not bother me as much as everything together; I almost feel as though I am watching an episode of 'Sister Wives'.

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