Kate Middleton Has Chosen Her Wedding Dress Designer: OMFG!

by guestofaguest · January 17, 2011

    That's right, buckshot! Kate Middleton (soon-to-be Princess Kate) has chosen a designer for her wedding dress. But, pray tell, who is it?

    As The Daily Mail reports, Middleton "spent nearly an hour and a half" with her mother, Carol and little sister, Pippa, at Bruce Oldfield's London boutique.

    Details have been scarce, but it appears Middleton has narrowed down her choice to two possibilities from the Oldfield selection.

    The Daily Mail notes that Princess Diana considered Oldfield a favorite among designers.

    Oldfield, best known for his couture wear, has dressed the biggest names in Hollywood along with British royalty since his line launched in 1975. His clients include Barbra Streisand, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Taylor Swift, and his relationship with Princess Diana began in 1980.

    He opened a weddings-focused boutique, presumably where Middleton shopped, in 2009 located in Beauchamp Place.

    He published an autobiography "Rootless" in 2004, detailing the interesting tale of the circumstances leading to his career in fashion: he's thought to be the son of a Jamaican box and was placed with the the Children's Organization Barnardo, through which a dressmaker named Violet Masters in Durham served as his foster parent.

    Given his humble provenance, he apparently redesigned McDonald's staff uniform for 2008.

    For now, he'll hold the fries, we presume and stick to royalty.