Of A Kind For GofG: Going Bicoastal: The Mctega Designers Show You How To Have A Good Time In L.A.

by Erica Cerulo · June 29, 2011

    When Kristina Ortega and Sarah McLellan of Mctega aren't crafting amazing jewelry creations from poly-resin-like the limited-edition bracelet they developed for Of a Kind-they're trolling LA, hunting down expertly mixed cocktails and food to soak up that booze. These are the three spots they suggest hitting up next time you're on their side of the country, with some insider tips from Kristina.

    Lazy OxCanteen: "We think this is the best restaurant in downtown. We really love the creamy farro with bone marrow butter and the fried squash blossoms with ricotta and saffron honey-the menu is seasonal, so there is always something new and exciting waiting for you." (241 S. San Pedro St., Los Angeles, 213-626-5299; lazyoxcanteen.com)

    The Association: "We always end up here-sometimes unexpectedly: museum trip? Why not get a night cap after? The bartenders always get it right: The classic cocktails are made with care, and when you need something not-so-classic, they have your back, too (110 E. 6th St., Los Angeles, 213-9627-7385; theassociation-la.com)

    The Tar Pit: "This bar isn't on our side of town, and the fact that we are willing to brave the traffic to get here should attest to how awesome it is. They make the best sazerac in Los Angeles. Check out the gilded houor-their lovely happy hour-which also delivers some serious french fries." (609 N. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles, 323-965-1300; tarpitbar.com)