Peter Davis Party Hops To Club Monaco

by ALISON KRAWCZYK · March 26, 2010

    [All images by Clint Spaulding for PMc] There are just too many parties, and not enough time for Peter Davis to make it to them all! The socialite was spotted last night at Imogen and Jordan's launch party, then again at Club Monaco's party where they were celebrating Bert Stern, the photographer for their new campaign.  -

    Club Monaco launched their new campaign last night at their 5th avenue location. In honor of the photographer, the retailer converted their store into a lounge. The men's department was changed into a man's hang out complete with a pool table and scotch tasting.

    The campaign's black and white photographs were hung from floor to ceiling, which really set the mood for the party and the new spring collection. Club Monaco chose Bert because of his soft, and classic style. His images have an optimistic and fresh appeal, which is the image Club Monaco is trying to convey with their new clothes.

    The event was fresh, sophisticated, and fun, much like the clothes and images. A DJ was pumping music throughout the store while guests celebrated the art of a photographer and a design house.

    In attendance were Peter Davis, Ryan Tasz, Sara Davan, Andre Benton, and Timo Weiland.


    Eddie Porgo, Caroline Belhumeur, Ger Duany, Sara Davan, Andre Benton

    Timo Weiland, Kristian Laliberte

    Irina Shayk, Jessica White, Estelle Leeds, Anthony Petrillose

    Lisa Lavender, Lynette Lavender, Lorenzo Martone, Stacey Kimel

    Ivan Shaw, Lisa Von Weise, Anthony Gordon, Martina Gordon

    Kristin Petrovich, Marc Benhamou, Estelle Leeds, Kristian Laliberte

    Michael Marrion, Bobbi Thomas, Patrick Duffy, Ann Watson

    Peter Malachi, Steve Salinaro, Anthony Candella

    Patty Sicular, Martha Branch Salonicka, Anthony Petrillose, Estelle Leeds, Doreen McKinney, Vanessa Gringer

    Simon Collins, Miho, Selima Salaun

    Scott Buccheit, Jesper Lannung, Naeem Delbridge

    Sara Davan, Kaylee Frazier, Michelle Miller, Michelle Berman

    Scott Schuman, Garance Dore, Thomas Rom, Christopher Canizares

    Tom Lampson, Lisa Lavender, Estelle Leeds, Lynette Lavander, Stephen Weingrad