SXSW Hangover: A Look Back At The Types Of People Who Flock To Austin

by Chelsea Burcz · March 22, 2011

    SXSW invites a wide range of enthusiasts--from the techies of Silicon Valley, to the film buffs of LA, to the punk rockers of Detroit. So how do you know who's who? We sort through the mess and categorize some of SXSW's most typical people walking the streets.

    The "Punk"

    The "Punk" only comes to SXSW for the hardcore shows and Thrasher skateboard parties. You can find them moshing to the Cerebral Ballzy Crew or Thee Oh Sees, or hanging out at Emo's. Outfits usually include tattoos, lipstick and leather, even in the hot Austin sun.

    The "Local"

    These types know all the best venues and taco stands in Austin and possibly drive a pedicab. The "Local" is a more sensible dresser with a touch of Texas, usually donning Toms or comfortable sneakers and denim. You can find them at the secret backyard BBQ house parties (or maybe they are hosting one) because they've done this all before.

    The "Indie Cool Kid"

    Each one has a schedule to make sure they hit all the "cool kid" bands and films. The Strokes, check. Toro y Moi, check. The Dish & The Spoon, check. The "Indie Cool Kid" usually has that one eccentric piece to make them stand out, whether it be an interesting accessory or a vintage jacket... and no, they don't want to be called hipsters because that was so 2 years ago.

    The "Über-Eccentric"

    They're usually very friendly and will offer you a drink. Just be careful it's not laced with something that will make you trip (unless that's your thing). The "Uber-Eccentric" is at every kind of party and venue, so you are bound to bump into one in every situation. These lovely folks are put together in their own right and are always excited to have a good time.

    The "Techie"

    They are at SXSW to talk about his or her five start up companies on a panel. Accessorized with gadgets, they keep it simple. The "Techie" can be seen wearing glasses with a prominent frame and some form of a button down.

    The "Fashionista"

    The "Fashionista" can be found VIP at all the best parties, probably hanging out with a cool band. Hair and make up stays perfectly intact in the sweltering heat, and walking around in heels all day doesn't seem to bother her in the least. The "Fashionista" is there mostly to be photographed and to party, but may check out a film or listen to a band at some point, instead of just chilling with them post-set.